About Us

My name is Attila. We live in Hungary, we manufacture bows since over 15 years. I work with Gabor since over 12 years, we started to sell the bows on medieval markets. Nowadays we distribute our bows in several different countries almost only by retailers. We manufacture our high-quality bows exclusively for foreign sale. In the meanwhile we expanded our enterprise with producing different leather products and arrows. Our horse bows are Nomadian reflex bows. The two main kinds are the Hungarian one and the kind developed from it, the Mongolian one. The difference exists in the arrow rest (we call it bridge) which accelerates the arrow additionally. Out of the this two main types we produce several more different ones like tartar, turkian, assyrian etc. The fiberglass bows are manufactured from glass fiber. The siyahs consist of wood; generally ash wood or beech is being used. The whole body, like also the horns for the discharge are handmade, the decorations are time authentic. The cover is genuine leather. We make them from about 28 to 55# strength. They are all asymmetric: upper part is always longer – that is the one with the name/writing on them. Because of the horn on both sides of the handle they can be used by left and right handed shooters as well. Our laminated bows consist of ash wood, added different kinds of exotic woods, enhanced with small layer of fiberglass which is not to be noticed easily. Naturally this whole wooden bows are the most dynamic ones, and their weight is remarkably light, but we are also very proud of our fiberglass bows as in there category they are among the fastest. Our bows are extremely dynamic: the fiberglass bows lend to the arrow an initial speed of 170 to 190 feet per second (average 40# strong bow), depending upon the design (moderate long bows come on approx. 130) and the arrow of course; The wooden bows shoot over 200 feet/sec in average. We recommend them both for beginners (up to 40# strength) and for professionals, since the stronger devices are suitable also for hunt. With our bows by over 40# strength one can shoot over 200 meters. For having fun the target distance is approx. 8-12 meters, professionals shoot at the goal at a distance of 40-60 meters. The pullings length are between 30 and 32 inches (!). The length of the bows are about 150 centimeters, those of the chord is 130cm. Among those who shoot from the horse the favourite are the assyrian and the laminated Horse Bow because of their short size. The tension distances has a length between 16 and 19 centimeters in calm status. Our Scythian bow are well known as durable items, they are meant for children, juniors or starters. They can be pulled from 24 till 27 inches and can not be overpulled – they are unbreakable. They also have different colours and leather patterns. All our bows are created by a special treatment so that they resist cold and heat and are for a long use! Naturally we give one year guaranty. Our arrows are laminated from lime tree wood, so they are very resistant. Due to this technology they bear more shots and do not bend themselves due to influences of the weather. The spin value is marked in each case in Pound value and is suitable plus-minus 10% strength for riding bows. They are mostly 30 inch long and 7.9 millimeters thick (5/11) Their weight is between 28 and 32 gram. The points are 80 Grain (4 gram), made from copper, which are screwed on, so they can be changed or fixed with clue as well. The form of the points is bullet, there are also other: sports- or Middle Age points. Depending upon desire we produce arrows with plastiknock. They are all provided with turkey feather in various colour and different shapes (shield, parabolic, elven, etc). We manufacture also all kinds of the accessories: quiver for the back and the side – they are very popular – with traditional ornaments, gloves, finger protection and armguards etc, in each case from genuine leather. The inside of the armguards are made of non allergic material. The history of the Ridingbows: according to the historians the Hungarian type is developed from the form of the Hunni bows at around 800. The basic materials were horn, crust and bones, which were stuck together with fish glue. They were meant for very fast shoots for shorter distance and with high striking power, which could perforate leathers, but also metal armor, provided with suitable hunt points. For the skill of the riders it was known that they could deliver successively 3-4 exact shots in 6-7 seconds, whereby the arrows were held in one hand. Starting from the year at around 1100, it came to the Mongolian development from the Hungarian form. With the assistance of the bridge it was possible to deliver an even more dynamic shot. These bows were used no longer only from the horse. The Turkish and the Tartarian bows were even smaller, in order to be able to pack it for the infantry more easily. Their form was more a C form, where the reflex arm endings - the siyahs - were more pulled to the rear. In the process of the history of the development of this weapon also the short bows were developed to reach ever larger distances. The legend knows of a Krimtartari bow, with which a shot was performed straight over the Dardanells.